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Towns and Communities

Towns and Communities

Old villages and modern municipal centers. Commercial and lively.

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Erfjord is a population centre in Suldal municipality. It is home to 500–600 people and comprises Erøy, Bog, Bogsund, Hålandsosen and Håland. There are two...

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Jelsa, fjordside village. Jelsa Church and the School museum.(Ryfylkemuseum)

Jelsa in Suldal is the best-preserved fjordside village in Ryfylke. There has been a church here since the 13th century and commercial activity since the 17th...

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Jørpeland - the town by Preikestolen

Jørpeland is the administrative centre of Strand municipality, and a commercial and service hub for southern Ryfylke. Jørpeland is often referred to as “the...

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Lysebotn in Lysefjorden

Lysebotn is a small place located at the end of Lysefjorden in Forsand municipality, in Ryfylke, Rogaland country. It is a great tourist destination with over...

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Nesflaten in Suldal

Nesflaten is a village in Suldal municipality, in scenic Ryfylke. It is situated on the northern shore of Suldalsvatnet lake. Highway Rv13, a national scenic...

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Røldal in the municipality of Odda, is a town right to the north of Ryfylke. It lies strategically at the crossroads to Odda in Hardanger, Haukeli in Telemark,...

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Sand in Suldal

Sand is the administrative centre of Suldal municipality, and has 1100 inhabitants. The National Tourist Route Ryfylke passes through Sand. The old village,...

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Sauda is a municipality with 4700 residents, situated in the innermost reaches of Ryfylke. The town of Sauda is the centre of trade, education and services for...

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