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Just 10 km from Jørpeland lies the village of Tau, which offers ferry connection to Stavanger and express boat services to many destinations in the region. Scenic highway Rv13 passes continues from Tau. The rapidly expanding village centre is just a short walk from the quay. Here you will find shops, cafés and restaurants, hotel, pub, gas station, bank and guest harbour. Strandastøa beach lies just south of Tau.

Tau’s historical roots probably date at least back to Eirik Blood-axe; archaelological finds indicate that a king or chieftain once had a farmstead here. By the little waterfall near Krossvatnet lake is an old red mill. Tou Mill, built in 1855, marked the dawn of the industrial era for this region. Visitor’s to mill park near the old director’s mansion may note that the landscaping here is inspired by the English style. There is a popular café here, and on Sundays during the summer there are art exhibitions and a flea market.

You may also wish to explore the cultural trail, which takes you a couple of kilometres outside the village centre to the beautifully situatet old Strand church.

Just east of Tau lies Bjørheimsbygd which offers travellers additional facilities, including a summer hotel, cabins and holiday apartments, a café, a horse riding centre, and a gallery for handcrafted glass.
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The prehistoric rock-carvings at Solbakk

Down by the shore at Solbakk, Strand in Ryfylke, just beside the National Tourist Route Ryfylke, is a prehistoric rock-carving site. The find, first discovered in 1923, dates from around 500 BC. Carvings of ships predominate. Both ships and circles...

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The beautiful park by the Director`s residence, established in cooperation with the milling company at Tau, is now open to the public. Brugsløa is an old barn with art exhibitions, a cafè and other offerings. It is open every Sunday during the summer,...

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The Old Tou Mill

This old granary consists of three well preserved wooden mill buildings in their natural setting on the seafront at Tau in Ryfylke, right beside the modern mill. The buildings bear traces of the Medieval Period. Two are mills in the literal sense, the...

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National Tourist Route Ryfylke

The National Tourist Route Ryfylke through Ryfylke is one of the longest of Norway’s 18 National Tourist Routes. The route through Ryfylke – from Oanes by the Lysefjord to Hårå in Røldal – is 183 kilometres long and travels Rv. 13 and Fv. 520. You can...

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Lilland Hotell

The Lilland hotel is a family-run charming place with a lot of atmosphere. As a tourist in Ryfylke and as guest at our hotel you will stay central in a region with a lot of nature attractions. The starting point for the hiking tour to the Pulpit Rock is...


Hamrane Hyttefelt

Welcome to Hamrane cabin area, which is beautifully situated in Bjørheimsbygd, Ryfylke. It’s the perfect place for tranquillity and relaxation, with magnificent views of the mountains and lakes. Whatever the season, you can explore well-marked trails...

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Glasskjellaren is a combined workshop, showroom and shop located on a beautiful farm in the small village of Bjørheimsbygd near Tau and The National Tourist Route Ryfylke. Exhibition and sale of handmade glassware, jewellery, candle holders etc produced...

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Wathne Feriesenter

The ideal place for your Ryfylke holiday, in the heart of Rogaland County. Wathne Camping is situated at the western end of Nedre Tysdalsvatnet lake, by the National Tourist Road (Rv13). Betty and Sam Speer have developed a pleasant family-oriented...

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