Ryfylke Multiguide

Be your own guide along National Tourist Route Ryfylke (Rv 13 and Fv 520) with the free App Ryfylke MultiGuide!

Ryfylke Multiguide

This summer you can download the free App Ryfylke MultiGuide for Iphone and for Android in Norwegian and English. The app takes you on a guided tour through Ryfylke with stories, images and tourist information automatically popping up when arriving at a point of interest. Download it for free and add the guide National Tourist Route Ryfylke. We strongly recommend you to download both Ryfylke MultiGuide and the route via WiFi-network before your drive, to save extra charges from downloading over mobile network. The mobile app is free to use once downloaded. For more information dowload leaflet here: Ryfylke Multiguide Leaflet

Have you testet the app - please help us improve it and fill out the online survey!

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