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Float in the current down the river from Mo Laksegard! Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see trout and salmon up close. Qualified and experienced instructors will lead the group. One of them will join you in the water, the other will stay behind the group paddling a canoe. We will try out the survival suits and all the equipment in the swimming pool at Mo Laksegard before entering the river. Once in the water the current will take us down the river. Through the diving mask you are able to study the wild salmon in their natural element.
This is a chance to literally feel the "strong" river on your body for approx. 2,5 km. To see wild salmon in their right element, free, you will never forget. This river is well known for its big salmon that can be up to 20 kg.
You don't catch the salmon - you swim with them!

Survival suit, diving mask and snorkel will be provided from Mo Laksegard.
T-shirt and shorts is required. During winter Mo Laksegard will provide an extra warm suit.
Duration: 2,5 hours included safety training (not including transportation time).
Recommended no.: Minimum 6 and up to 30 pax.
Location: Mo Laksegard is situated at Sand in Ryfylke, on the riverbank of the famous salmon river Suldalslågen.
Swimming skills required!

Join us for a rafting trip on Suldalslågen, in sturdy rafts on a friendly river without major rapids. At a leisurely pace we’ll make our way down the scenic river to Mo Laksegard, an old estate that has provided accommodation to generations of eager angler. Enjoy stories about everyday life in the valley, and of the English lords that came here every year to catch salmon. We’ll stop at a wilderness camp to make crepes and coffee on the campfire. Our guided adventure end at Sandsfossen falls, with a visit to the Salmon Studio there.

Number of participants: min. 6, max. 15
Duration: 2.5 hours + travelling time
Season: Summer months

Mo Laksegard can provide 3 different fishing zones along the Suldalslågen River in Ryfylke - the largest river in Western Norway. The season for river trout (Brown Trout) fishing commences on May 1st, and the season for salmon and sea trout commences on July 20th. The season lasts until October 1st.

Several of the fishing zones are situated within walking distance from the chalets at Mo Laksegard. Suldalslågen River is renowned for its large salmon and sea trout. It is not unusual to land a salmon that weighs 10 kgs. Every year, a salmon weighing more than 20 kgs is landed.
The average weight for sea trout ranges from 1.0 to 1.4 kgs. Trout weighing between 3 to 5 kgs are not uncommon. Our experienced guide can offer instruction and helpful guidance.

There are also other activities offered at the wilderness camp.

Mo Laksegard is situated near Sand, the municipal centre of Suldal, two hours by car from Stavanger (2 ferries), and 90 minutes from Haugesund (1 ferry). There are also express boats from Stavanger.
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Mo Laksegard

Located in Sandsbygda on Suldalslågen salmon river in Ryfylke close to the National Tourist Route Ryfylke. The complex is built around an old farm and is an enjoyable holiday place for adults and children alike. 3 cabins, 50, 50 and 90 m2 (A), and 3...

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Salmon studio

The Suldalslågen salmon river in Suldal, Ryfylke is 22 kilometres in length and flows down the valley from the Suldalsvatn lake into the Sandsfjord at the centre of Sand.

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Suldalslågen river in the inner part of Ryfylke is the stretch of river from Suldalsvatnet lake (68 meters above sea level) to Sand. On this 22 kilometre-long stretch the river runs, silent and powerful, through a varied natural and cultural landscape,...

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Sand in Suldal

Sand is the administrative centre of Suldal municipality, and has 1100 inhabitants. The National Tourist Route Ryfylke passes through Sand. The old village, beautifully situated on the Sandsfjord, has preserved much of its historic character, with...

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Nesa Wharfhouse (Ryfylkemuseum)

Since 1991 has Nesa Wharfhouse, Sand in Ryfylke been the main office of the Ryfylke Museum and an exhibit which yields insight into the culture and history of the shoreside settlement. The Folk Music Archives for Rogaland county are also located...

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Sandsfossen and Høsebrua bridge

Suldalslågen, one of the longest rivers of Rogaland county, comes to an impressive conclusion at Sandsfossen falls. This waterfall at Sand in Ryfylke is not particularly high, but it is broad – and the roar of the force of nature here is almost...

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National Tourist Route Ryfylke

The National Tourist Route Ryfylke through Ryfylke is one of the longest of Norway’s 18 National Tourist Routes. The route through Ryfylke – from Oanes by the Lysefjord to Hårå in Røldal – is 183 kilometres long and travels Rv. 13 and Fv. 520. You can...

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