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Postvegen 18
4230 Sand

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A distinctive house from 1936, designed by architect Arnstein Arneberg, situated near Sandsfossen falls and the salmon studio at Sand, Ryfylke.

Pleasant modern rooms. Breakfast and lunch café. Perfect for groups, private parties, meetings and conferences.

Free wifi, parking, coffee and tea.

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Salmon studio

The Suldalslågen salmon river in Suldal, Ryfylke is 22 kilometres in length and flows down the valley from the Suldalsvatn lake into the Sandsfjord at the centre of Sand. Next to the salmon ladder in the Sandsfossen waterfall at Sand is one of the...

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Sandsfossen and Høsebrua bridge

Suldalslågen, one of the longest rivers of Rogaland county, comes to an impressive conclusion at Sandsfossen falls. This waterfall at Sand in Ryfylke is not particularly high, but it is broad – and the roar of the force of nature here is almost...

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Suldal Tourist Information

Suldal Tourist Information is located in the centre of Sand in Suldal in Ryfylke.  Suldal county is 1,728 square kilometres and is the largest municipality in the county of Rogaland in terms of area, although it only has about 4,000 inhabitants....

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