Reinarknuten - hike



Length in km (10,2)


5 hours


Challenging, Marked trails with colour grading

Nature and terrain

Mountains, Small path, Total ascent (670)


April, August, July, June, May, October, September

4100 Jørpeland

Phone51 75 95 10


Reinarknuten towers 787 metres above sea level on the south side of the lower Tysdalsvatnet lake in Ryfylke. From the National Tourist Route Ryfylke (Rv 13) alongside Tysdalsvatnet lake you have a great view of this majestic mountain which, along with the other surrounding mountains, was an important landmark for seafarers in olden times.

The marked path to Reinarknuten starts at the car park on the road over Leite, between Bjørheimsbygd and Jørpeland. On this walk you climb a total of 450 metres and there are some steep patches. The walk takes 5 hours there and back.

The view from the old cairn on the top is fantastic, taking in large areas of the lower Tysdalsvatnet and Ryfylke Fjords and the Ryfylke moors.

To reach this popular hiking destination, you take the road up to the cabin area four km southwest of Reinarknuten, where you can see tofts or foundation walls from mountain farms dating back to the Middle Ages.

From the car-park a waymarked path leads to the top. The first kilometre, up to Strandabrynene, starts in a sparse pine forest and ends in heather moorland. Then comes a rather steeper pull up the southwest side of Krossen, before the path flattens out for a kilometre or so. You are now crossing the boundary between Strand and Hjelmeland Municipalities. The final pull up to Reinarknuten takes you from 600 to 748 m and is the toughest part of the walk. On clear days, Reinarknuten commands a wonderful view over large parts of Rogaland, from the furthest western islands to the highest peaks in the depths of Ryfylke.

The route to Reinarknuten is the first stage of an ancient track and drove-way to Årdal and the Årdalsheiane moorlands. You can continue from Reinarknuten to the Målandsdalen valley.

Before ascending to Reinarknuten you can look down the Skomakargjuvet gorge to Tysdalsvatnet, an exciting photo opportunity.

Own transport. Rv13 to Bjørheimsbygda. Follow the road to Leite and Jørpeland a bit more than 3 km. Turn left to the cabins at Bjørheimsheia.

Parking: There is a parking lot.
The route: Waymarked path. 10 km, height difference 430 m.
Season: Mai - October.

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