Åbødalen - hiking



Length in km (5,6)


2 hours


Easy, Marked trails with colour grading

Nature and terrain

Bathing spot, Birch, Bog, Forest, Major pathway, Total ascent (177)


April, August, July, June, May, October, September

4201 Sauda

Phone52 78 42 00


Buerdalen is wonderful - wide and half-open, yet with high peaks all around. There is a nice bathing- and picknick area at Storemyr, where you can also park your car. The potholes in the Åbødalen valley are a popular local attraction - on a summersday the sunbathed riverbed invites for a swim and picknick. 

The attached GPX file describes the walk to Kvanndalsfossen waterfall. This is a nice sight on rainy days as well. The waterfall is not big, but you can come behind its veil - any child will enjoy that! The path goes through open terrain, but there are marshy parts. Wear water proof boots. 

To visit the potholes in Åbødalen: Start at the parking area at Storemyr. The trip goes through easy terrain towards Feta (some moor). Follow the river in easy incline to Buer. Follow the road back to Storemyr, or turn left and follow road to Jettegrytene (potholes), approx. 800 m.
Length: 4 km. Altitude: 50 m.

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