Skuteheia - hike



Length in km (8,1)


4 hours


Marked trails with colour grading, Medium

Nature and terrain

Birch, Heather, Mountain, Small path, Total ascent (299), Water


August, July, June, May, October, September

4230 Sand

Phone52 79 05 60


Gullingen in Suldal, Ryfylke is a diverse and typical part of this mountain region, with hills and peaks, distinguished by old-fashioned and modern farming. Pasture-land for farm animals. Black grouse and grouse in the area. Birch forests with a rich vegetation and loads of blueberries. Excellent fishing waters.

The hike around Skuteheia is a nice and easy hike in hilly terrain. Starting point/parking lot by the road exit to Blåsjø. In the beginning, you follow a gravel road and pass Håvestølen on the way to Stavastølen. Then the track parts at Stavastølen. You continue through the Stavastøldalen, up to Skuteheia, further down to Svartavatnet and cross Stordalsheia. You unite with the "støls" tour at Håvestølen. The hike goes through high mountain terrain with good swimming and fishing possibilities (remember a fishing license).

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Suldal Tourist Information

Suldal Tourist Information is located in the centre of Sand in Suldal in Ryfylke.  Suldal county is 1,728 square kilometres and is the largest municipality in the county of Rogaland in terms of area, although it only has about 4,000 inhabitants....

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Suldalsosen in Suldal

Suldalsosen is a village in Suldal municipality, situated at the southwestern end of Suldalsvatnet lake. It once playing a key role in boat traffic on the lake, and in the historic tourism to the local rivers and streams. At Suldalsosen there are two...

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Sandsfossen and Høsebrua bridge

Suldalslågen, one of the longest rivers of Rogaland county, comes to an impressive conclusion at Sandsfossen falls. This waterfall at Sand in Ryfylke is not particularly high, but it is broad – and the roar of the force of nature here is almost...

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Sandsfjorden is located in Suldal in Ryfylke and goes from the southwest to the municipal center Sand in the northeast. Saudafjorden is about 25 km long. The scenery along the fjord is spectacular. At the entrance to Sandsfjorden lies the flat,...

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