Freshwater fishing, Mountain hiking, Teambuilding


Double room (29), Max number of persons in the restaurant (65)


All year round


The “Energy Hotel” of Ryfylke welcomes for a memorable stay and great adventures in Suldal!

Our hotel is situated near the Ryfylke Road RV13 – in tranquil surroundings. The hotel enjoys a beautiful southern view that comprises Suldalsvatnet lake and the village of Nesflaten. The hosts and staff do their utmost so that you can enjoy good dining on local fare, explore the colourful culture of Ryfylke, and learn the fascinating early chapters of the history of hydroelectric power production in Suldal. The peaceful scenery nearby offers rewarding adventures every season of the year!

All 29 rooms enjoy the same stunning view as the dining room and lounge. Here you can enjoy meals lovingly prepared according to local recipes, and savour locally brewed beer while surrounded by original furnishings from the 1960s.

The power station built in the 1960s was designed by architect Geir Grung. Also the homes, and the hotels that once housed management and visitors, were built in a functionalistic style during the era of intense hydropower development in Suldal and Røldal. The result is Kilen, a distinct neighbourhood of Nesflaten village.

The “Energy Hotel” was established in 2007, when Hydro sold the premises. The new owners hired architects Helen & Hard to refurbish the hotel in a way that preserved the unique original style of architect Geir Grung.

The scenic Ryfylke Road, RV13, has an interesting history. Already in the 1880s, boat trips on the steamer of Suldalsvatnet lake and trips by horse and trap up Brattlandsdalen valley were being advertised in England. This was an essential part of the Discovery Route, which continued to Hardanger.

Today, too, our hotel is ideally situated for travellers who wish to explore Røldal and Hardanger, visit Kolbeinstveit Rural Museum, the shops of Suldalsosen, and the sights of southern Ryfylke. One of our many recommendations is to take the hike up to Røynevarden, an old croft, perhaps bringing a picnic lunch.

April – September: An excellent season for mountain walks and fishing. The hotel sells fishing cards for Suldalsvatnet.
Mountain walks: The extended hike from Bleskestadmoen to Haukeliseter can be combined with a stay at Energihotellet.
Winter: Røldal ski centre is a short distance away.
Heated swimming pool: Nesflaten school.

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