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Ryfylke for your boating holiday!

Five fjords and a wealth of islands provide wonderful variation for boaters, and our early spring promises a long season.

The natural beauty and cultural landscape of the fjords is best enjoyed by boat. Gentle waves against the hull, the eager cry of seagulls, and sound of grazing sheep are welcome sounds after the turmoil of the city. In our sheltered waters there is plenty of space, and lots of cod and mackerel to tempt the fisherman and become a feast above the fire. 

You will find many sheltered beaches and coves, and smooth rock faces where you can lick the sun while the kids explore tide pools and catch crabs. At Sauda, Sand, Forsand, Hjelmeland, Judaberg and elsewhere there are friendly guest harbours. Perhaps you can even enjoy traditional dining or buy fresh brad right on the quay.

You can even take a boat to your winter holiday in Ryfylke! Be sure to bring downhill as well as cross-country skis – for the snow cannons of Sauda ensure good skiing conditions.

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